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Rúzsa Magdi: I knew the greeting by heart before I counted it – video! – Metropol

The artist who won the Péter Máté Prize for his personal relationship to religion is in it Shahd in a series entitled 52nd International Eucharistic Conference Associated with a program broadcast on public media.

Starting on September 1, a two-minute 12-part series in it will be shown on Danube TV and other media channels in connection with the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. The episodes featured famous musicians, artists, writers, and actors who are committed to their faith and have their own stories and beliefs about the Eucharist so they can set an example for others.. Arranged among the actors Majdi lipstick Also, who spoke in his short film about his relationship with God and his belief in one of the features of the conference, which is the Heroes’ Square.

Rúzsa Magdi: I knew the greeting by heart before I counted it Photo: YouTube

According to the singer, faith can create a foundation in people’s lives that they can’t find anywhere else

It is important that all people find a safe base they can return to at any moment. Not only in difficult times, but also in happy moments. There are two words we mention in situations like this – and it can’t be a coincidence – one is that my mother and the other is that GodSaid Magdy Roza in the show. The singer received a religious upbringing, and one of her first memories is the evening prayer she recited with her family before she fell asleep. “I think I knew the salutation by heart before I counted itHe added, then emphasized that with the help of faith, we can also have the experience of belonging together, which Congress has given a special opportunity.

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