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Rúzsa told me about Magdy’s trilogy and told me who will help her in her daily life

Majdi lipstick His triplets were born on the 1st of February. Even before the children were born, the singer did not hide her help in the future, but now she revealed exactly who will help her in her everyday life.

Majdi lipstick Her children were born on the first of February, The singer says this alone cannot be done. Reveal that children are already growing up beautifully, little son, how he is a great master of fun, and you are constantly laughing, Logi like a clone of MajdiIt requires attention.

“We really enjoy this paternal role, it’s very exciting. They are small, but they look like their characters, all three of them are very different. It seems that who is more in line with the father’s line and who is more in line with the mother’s line, I’m curious, how it will turn out (… )

Majdi said, who has made no secret of her inability to take care of the three children alone, so many family members help her.

“Very hard. It’s not a case that can be done alone, so with us, the whole family had to be organized, and I’m saying this seriously now. My niece is here with us all the time, and one day one grandmother cooks, the other day the other grandmother, and there’s always Someone is with us because we need three hands. So this part is very simple.”

– said the singer, adding that besides the difficulties, the most important thing is that all three children are healthy.

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Magdy is also working on the trio, and a new video of her came out today. He will give a concert in Budapest Park on the 1st of July, and he is already preparing to perform. Of course, in the reconciliation of work and motherhood Her husband also has an important role to play.

“It’s also my gratitude that my husband and I work completely in the opposite direction, and our biorhythm is almost in the opposite direction. Normally, he will spend the nights and will be able to spend the weekend in the summer, the days and most days of the week.”