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Ryan Reynolds says Gal Gadot looks terrible in new preview of Extremely Dangerous Criminals

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds suck on each other and get sucked into Gal Gadot.

Long progress has arrived Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson And Ryan Reynolds About his new comedy movie,Especially dangerous for criminals. What the first trailer suggested is confirmed by the second duo: Johnson is a very tough guy, Reynolds is a lovable loser, and their impossible pair will be a source of humor while Gal Gadot will be provided with the usual seduction of the two men. The Especially dangerous criminals It’s about chasing art thieves and being chased by an FBI agent: The Rock plays a super-agent who specializes only in art thieves. He also captures one of the world’s most wanted criminals, then is forced to ally with him to pursue another dimension.

Universal won the movie rights to a huge competition in 2019. However, when family practicesNotary et al Rawson Marshall Thurber With an exorbitant cost plan, the studio said, Netflix took advantage of Universal’s reluctance, nodded at the director’s draft, and eventually pulled the project out of the studio despite spending a lot of money. The Especially dangerous criminals So it won’t make it to cinemas, it will premiere on Netflix on November 12.

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