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Ryanair commits to a trip to a language exam

Most European passenger airlines, which also do not operate flights to and from South Africa, have said they require travelers from the country to the UK to complete a “simple questionnaire” due to the prevalence of passport fraud in South Africa. Company contact to Reuters.

A spokesman for the Irish airline said: “If someone is unable to complete this survey, they will be banned from travel and will be given a full refund.”

The UK Embassy in South Africa told Twitter that the test was not a requirement for the UK government to enter the UK.

Ryanair said this applies to anyone with a South African passport traveling to the UK from the rest of Europe on the airline’s planes.

Of the 11 official languages ​​of South Africa, Afrikaans is the third most widely spoken language, and is used by 12 percent of the country’s 58 million people. It was the official language until apartheid ended in 1994.

The BBC in a short time Many South African travel hopefuls expressed outrage at the process. Afrikaans is not a language known to many, despite the fact that it is the official language of the country, and many mention the distinction.

The authorities have not yet wanted to interfere, as it is a business decision of a private company.

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