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Ryanair insults the government

Although it is not known how many domestic passengers have canceled their previous purchase of tickets for July by today’s cancellation deadline, there are plenty of comments on social media that

Tourists do not bear the tax on ticket prices.

Essentially that the company’s representatives addressed the government in an unacceptable manner, about a “long horse”, though experience has shown that they travel for the Hungarians in unfortunate conditions on the cheap. Passengers are often let down by the company, neither the number nor the number of such cases at home or abroad.

Ryanair has left tour groups or their baggage at remote airports several times over the years due to flight delays or cancellations.

Mentioned as an aviation magnate in the international press, Michael O’Leary, 61, is already special – he has repeatedly made outrageous statements. several years ago

He complained that they had to provide barrier-free facilities at airports for disabled employees, then described overweight passengers as “monsters” who should be taxed or even tortured.

Other times, those who forget to print their boarding passes or can’t find a cheap Ryanair ticket are frustrated, as well as paying a special fee to use the onboard toilet.

According to O’Leary, the primary motivation of his employees is fear,

While the introduction of the Boeing-737 Max, a jet aircraft that was banned in 2019 due to two fatal accidents, has suggested taking measures to win passengers’ trust in these planes.

The discount company is filing a number of cases in Europe that have led to sanctions. For example, in 2015, the Hungarian Competition Authority fined HUF 50 million for incomplete and misleading information on a Hungarian language booking site for years, while in 2013 they received a HUF 15 million fine for misrepresenting in the wake of Malev’s bankruptcy. Among other things, the authorities of the Netherlands, Italy, France and the United Kingdom have already sanctioned the company.

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The company’s policy of extremely low wages that excludes employees is an essential advantage of an airline,

Delays and cancellations of flights are usually due to the desperate actions of striking employees. Next time, in one of the company’s most important summer markets, Spain, the flight attendants will go on strike in two weeks.

Cover photo: Ryanair CEO has made outrageous statements over and over / AFP / Tolga Akmen