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Saints Row – Game ocean video and Easter egg from Doctor Who

  • Volition released a new video
  • Where the game map takes the lead
  • We can identify several areas

Complaints about changes in tone and gameplay have been circulating on the air since the series Saints Row 2 After that he turned to a more brutal style. The Saints Row 3 Since then, players can use super abilities, become bosses, fight massive phallic weapons, and more exotic things. The fun of team play in Volition is Chaos Agents a Saints Row 4 Gat Outta Hell These activities were doubled as complementary complements to it. In addition to all this, next year is coming Saints row It looks more realistic, with more detailed characters and guerrilla-focused gameplay. In a new video, Volition a Saints row He introduced some locations on his YouTube channel that players will be able to explore in the replay. According to the initial report, the new map includes 15 unique areas in Santo Eliso. Rancho Providencia is one of the “harshest” parts of Santo Eliso, with old buildings. The lake shore is state-of-the-art, described as a “concrete jungle” with skyscrapers and busy city streets. Monte Vista is inhabited by the wealthy, with enclosed communities and kind cars. These three regions are run by the gangs of Los Panteros, Marshall and Idols. The video even shows a funny TARDIS easter egg Doctor from Series.

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