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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is getting a very limited edition Diablo Immortal

It would be a shame to deny that Diablo’s immortal history is accompanied by scandal. Already at the time of its announcement, the good guys were upset that it was originally going to appear exclusively on mobile devices, and the lack of understanding of the project manager’s angry reactions gave life to the meme. Since then, the game has continued, and many have considered it a win-win because you have to open your wallet well to get the best gear and loot. Not to mention that it won’t launch in some Samsung mobiles or go wrong, however: the South Korean manufacturer has released a very limited edition Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dedicated to the game.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Diablo is the hack-and-slash role-playing franchise that invades PCs and consoles, while the newest member of the series tries to reap its laurels on mobile phones. The free Diablo Immortal app is available to download on both iOS and Android, but PC gamers can try it out, although it’s only in beta at the moment. The recipe for the game is simple: kill the monster, collect loot, upgrade your character, and repeat.

That sounds totally fine anyway, it’s a shame that in practice the microtransaction-laden gameplay is annoying to many, while others say that Immortal can be played without spending a single pet. In this discussion we are not doing the truth now, let’s focus on the limited edition Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

The package is called the Galaxy S22 Diablo Immortal Package, which consists of a wooden box – which includes the complete package -, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone, a leather mouse pad, a map, a special cover, an exclusive case, a wireless charger, from the Battlecoin voucher card, as well as the handle that Spigen branded which makes the mobile phone more comfortable to hold during long phone calls.

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Even if you’re one of those Diablo Immortal hackers who crave the Galaxy S22 Ultra, plus you’re a pretty good financial drainer, you can’t buy this limited package. There are only 100 of them in total, and they can only be crossed out in a prize draw for a South Korean mall called LG U Plus. The draw will be on June 10, but the exact amount for diabetic Galaxy S22 Ultra has not been mentioned yet.

Now you’re sure the phone won’t be able to run the game it’s been fairly dedicated, but this issue only affects models equipped with Exynos chipsets, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset variant available to South Korean customers. There is nothing wrong with playing Blizzard.

source: AndroidAuthority

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