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Samsung Game Launcher Can Curb the Performance of Galaxy Phones

The pre-installed game optimization service can limit the performance of Galaxy phones in more than ten thousand applications. Samsung says it is looking into the matter, with an update that will put the decision in users’ hands.

As a pre-installed app, many Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a program called Game Optimization Service (GOS) as part of the Game Launcher, which is officially designed to prevent the inside of the device from overheating by running Game Launcher and games, which slows down wear. The battery is submerged. In contrast, however, the program is almost comprehensive, according to Koreans Miko Based on listings posted in a technical forum for Far Eastern users. GOS includes the most popular apps (eg Netflix, Microsoft Office, Spotify, Instagram, …), Google software (eg YouTube, Keep, …), games (eg Genshin Impact …), and also the proprietary Samsung app (eg Samsung Pay). , secure folder, Bixby, …).

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However, Benchmark software is not blacklisted, as shown in a YouTube video linked to the Meeco forum. The video uploader has been played Galaxy S22 Ultra It tested 3D Mark normally and then did the same by rewriting the app’s package name, so the phone thought a game called Genshin Impact was running. The result showed a performance deterioration of 56%: 2,618 points compared to 1,141 points. The Korean side of Samsung more complaint Also arrived, the manufacturer replied.

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It is not entirely clear if GOS is present on all Galaxy devices, and Samsung only responds to snapdragon S22 . series It mentions, but I found it pre-installed on Android 11 among the factory S10+ stuff as well. The official explanation is that GOS-optimized CPU and GPU performance helps prevent overheating and provides longer boot time during longer gaming times. The company is promising to work on an update that will allow users to choose performance priority by opening the Game Booster Labet inside the Game Launcher, thus circumventing the limitation. For now, Samsung has only talked about games, not about GOS access to other software, although it seems to be holding back anything but hardware testing benchmarks.

Right-handed VOC-free performance, improved left-hand VOC performance.
Right-handed VOC-free performance, improved left-hand VOC performance. (source: Android salad) [+]

oneplus In 2021 Failed with similar manipulation of performance, the company clarified that there is an unnecessary amount of power in phones that most programs used in daily use, such as social media, browsers do not need it, only the full power of the processor will degrade during the process, but later a promiseThat their restriction can be turned off by the program. Huawei also provides a soft key, in the performance mode, the user can use the maximum power of the Kirin chips, otherwise the tasks work “optimally”, which does not reduce the feeling of the speed of the phone, but slightly improves the operating time.