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Samsung’s new mobile screen is a big step forward

OLED, which debuted on the Galaxy Fold 3, is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The most important development of the Galaxy Fold 3 foldable smartphone is the new OLED touch screen, which enabled Samsung Front camera at the bottom of the screen use. More information about the panel has been received in recent days, with Samsung saying that compatibility with the new type of standalone camera is far from the only advantage of the solution called Eco²OLED.

The new Eco²OLED touch screen made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3Source: Samsung

The central advantage of Eco²OLED is that it completely removes the polarizing layer used in previous OLED panels, with the goal of reducing the reflection of ambient light on the screen. While the layer makes the contents of the panel more visible, it also darkens the light emitted by the pixels, so the pixels need to be illuminated at a much higher brightness to achieve the desired brightness.

Because the polarization layer is removed from the equation, the panel’s light transmission is improved by 33%, allowing more light to enter the front camera under the screen, and consuming 25% less power than previous OLEDs.

In addition to general use, the screen in mobile phones is one of the largest consumers, so the new panel may allow for a longer battery life, in addition, it may prove to have a better life span.

Finally, the good news is that the Eco²OLED panel contains much less plastic, so it’s a much more environmentally friendly solution in this regard as well.

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