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Sándor Badár revealed why the firefighters went out on his birthday

Even though Sándor Badár doesn’t really look forward to his birthday, he still loves to celebrate it in some way. The Hungarian actor recently celebrated his 58th birthday, held for the occasion to the city He recounted his favorite birthday memories and even revealed how he plans to celebrate his birthday this year.

– Of course I plan a small party, and after that it can be a little longer, even a few days. Sandor admitted, who quickly added that the celebration, which lasted for a few days, was not just for him. Knows many who were born with her in a month.

Will February birthdays be more humorous?

Fortunately, I have many friends and we are many artists born in February. It actually becomes a “festive month” each year, the humorist explained, adding that there might be something special about those born in February.

Half of Douma Theater, born in February Badr cautioned, noting that the February people might be more humorous than the average.

big surprise

Sándor Badár owes one of his most exciting birthdays to his humorous friends.

– My fiftieth birthday was assigned to the show, and when I went up to the stage, I noticed that the audience was just my friends, Then this little surprise culminated in an all-night celebration. It was touching how much he could hide this from me.

His 50th birthday was a big surprise Photo: Enikő Zsedrovits

He’s never curious

Sándor also said that he really likes surprises and never considers their value. He knows full well that behind every gift is a kind and caring gesture.

“For me, that’s the real surprise one gets without knowing it, so I’m never curious and never get into things. I always peacefully wait for what I get, but I don’t really think there’s a gesture or gift that can’t be enjoyed.”

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Even the firefighters stepped in

Fortunately for the comedian, it wasn’t just his fiftieth birthday that was unforgettable. He claimed that even firefighters had to interfere with the celebration, as many wanted to celebrate Alexander’s birthday.

A friend of mine who organized an event in Debrecen organized a birthday for me at a cultural venue in Debrecen. In the end, 1,200 people came, and eventually had to send 200 of them home to the firefighters. Well, they didn’t do well.

The perfect surprise

Badár Sndoraz also revealed how to choose the perfect gift. Of course, also note that it takes a lot of time and very good knowledge.

“It is very difficult to give a gift, because you have to think in the mind of the other person.” It is important to pay attention to the person for whom you want to give the perfect gift. You have to pay attention to what exactly motivates this person. If one gets into it, there is great happiness, but obviously if one wants a surprise, one has to be careful to lighten it. The star advised our readers, then laughed and added that, of course, he would not always find the perfect gift.