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Sarka Kata is also very sexy in jeans, Rogan Gal Cecilia is also radiant

And the third party can not be questioned, they were guests of TV2 and were talking about an important event.

Kata Sarka and Cecilia Rogan Gal, directors of the Miss World Hungary pageant, and Lili Totpetti, winner of Miss World Hungary 2021 mocha guests. In an unprecedented way, the big event, Miss World, was blown up at the World Day Finals after several actors and background tested positive for Covid.

Kata first learned of the decision from Lily, and at first thought that she had misunderstood something. She cried and told Kata that the final was blown up, which is unprecedented, and why the door was closed a few hours before the event.

The big question is what will happen now because of the Covid situation, everything is up in the air. In principle, the event, which was originally hosted in Puerto Rico, must take place within 90 days.

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Lily said she believed until the last minute that they could organize a competition where the model had been for a month. Anno Kulcsár Edina finished second in this race and Lili could have done so too on the deck.

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