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Scandal in the gym: coach and athletic director fell in love

Although coach Ivan Juric and sporting director David Vagnati are already training their champions in battle, judging by the signals, we can no longer say that it will be an easy season for Torino fans.

In the preliminary round of the Italian Serie A, the team finished its training camp in Austria in a very tense atmosphere, in the middle of the table, in tenth place. While climbing the Alps, coach Ivan Juric and athletic director David Vagnati collided in the hotel parking lot, where they were unable to overpower each other. Moments captured by cameras, but may have been secretly recorded:

In addition to inactivity, there were also serious complaints.

“Go to the bathroom, I saved your life. Punish me,” Juric shouted, and Vaginati said that if the Croatian coach went to the chief, he should not ask him for anything if he did not respect him so much. According to Vagnati, he will play a strong team, from which Juric should get the most out of. Well, the Croatian sees it completely differently.

He answered: “You just spoil everything, you are unmarriageable,” which Vagnati did not leave at that. “You’re a silly nobody, don’t you dare raise your voice when you’re talking to me!”

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Then there was the crucial battle over mutual respect, which the sports director concluded by saying, “I’ve always protected you in front of other people’s heads, so you don’t respect me, you damned asshole.” The sure “other” was supposed to be the club’s president, Urbano Cairo, who would definitely have a word or two for subordinates.

Juric and Venetti were not in a difficult situation either, as the team lost its best players: Brazilian defender Gleeson Bremer earned at least 35 million euros, but captain and national team striker Andrea Belotti was free. In return, the club paid a total of 15 million euros, and players such as Samuel Ricci, Pietro Pellegri, Brian Payi and Etret Berisha arrived. On August 13, Torino will start the new season against Monza.