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Scarlett Johansson sued Disney

He suffered great physical damage from the Black Widow.

Scarlett Johansson Name in the past few hours more than others With Aniko Návai Context She appeared in the Hungarian media, but abroad an affair began to make much larger waves.

Johansson’s lawyers have filed a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company, alleging that the company violated a contract and Black Widow At the same time as the film’s premiere, she made it available on her own streaming service, Disney+, which caused a huge loss of revenue for the actress.

According to official documents, the film should have received an exclusive cinematic view, and part of Johansson’s salary was the ticket prices for those sitting in front of the screen.

Thanks to the download on the Internet space The viewership rate is obviously lower Than expected, which pulls huge sums from the pocket of the actress.

a lawyer John Berlinski On the issue of CNBC He said Disney was apparently doing all of this to increase the value of its stock, and explained their decision to the coronavirus pandemic.

Berlinski added that this certainly wouldn’t be the last such case, so more Hollywood actors are expected to file a similar lawsuit – until Disney begins honoring the terms of the contract.

Our criticism of the black widow It can be read here.

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