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Schedule – Abroad – London may be at risk from climate change

London sea and river water levels may be in danger of rising and the UK capital will have to relocate in the future. Glass A British climate expert.

Sir David King, head of the government’s climate advisory body, said several cities outside London, including Bristol and Hull, could be at risk from rising water levels due to climate change.

We are an island nation, which is why the biggest challenge we face due to climate change is sea level and sea storms.

He said the two factors could be simultaneous and the problem could be particularly large.

If we continue to emit greenhouse gases at current levels, we will not be able to protect our values ​​and we will have to start moving to higher ground. What do I mean? For example, to our capital.

David King said rising water levels may require capital relocation.

He has already explained that in Indonesia, due to frequent floods, the capital is already being relocated from Jakarta to more places. Meanwhile, the expert warned for a long time due to the climate crisis

Food may run out, mass migration may occur and the world economy may collapse.

As for food, he drew attention to the fact that many productive areas may be submerged in water, while changes in drought and temperature elsewhere may be a problem.

The Southeast Asian region may be up to 100 million, but other estimates suggest that if we do not act soon, there will be up to 300 million climate refugees by the middle of the century.

David King said about migration.

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Finally, the expert UN. He stressed that Conference 26 will be important in November this year. Climate conference (COP26) – Organized by the United Kingdom – Because world leaders must decide whether to reduce emissions if disaster is to be averted.

COP26 is a last resort and it is not an exaggeration. Participants in this meeting have a great responsibility

– Said the expert.