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Schedule – Abroad – On Monday you can have beer with Boris Johnson at the London Bubble

Many are waiting for Boris Johnson’s claim that Britain is the cause because of the positive data Relaxing epidemiological regulations. The British head of state finally announced on Monday that there was no domestic epidemiological indicator, which would force the government to move away from the deregulation schedule.

Travel abroad – only in reasonable cases

It is truly welcome that the pre-determined conditions for further easing of restrictions have been met, thus gradually opening up the UK The second phase may take place from April 12, According to initial plans

The Hungarian embassy in London responded To the message It is, according to the British government’s schedule, shops and, as a part, restaurants may also open on Mondays.

On this basis, stores selling non-essential home goods will reopen in the UK on Monday 12 April, as well as restaurants – restaurants – which will have the opportunity to serve outside without opening hours.

Boris Johnson said

The next Monday he himself goes to a pub and drops a bottle of beer “carefully but neatly.”

A British Prime Minister He pointed out that the “cautious but irreversible” process of easing controls aimed at controlling the corona virus infection has become the official expression of the government’s inaugural agenda.

The relaxation also applies to businesses that provide personalized services, including social facilities such as hairdressing salons, beauty salons, gyms and libraries, and is made possible by the use of in-house self-catering accommodation in the UK.

However, the London ambassador drew the attention of Frank Cumin

The relaxations, which take effect on Monday, will affect mobility and entertainment within the country, which will certainly be a great relief to Hungarians living here, as strict restrictions have been in place in most parts of the UK since early January.

With the gradual reopening of shops and services, many will be able to return to work and have more opportunities to organize outdoor meetings.

In Wales, the catering sector is set to open on April 26, with indoor hotels set to open at the end of May. In Scotland, and more There are many classification types Depending on the extent of virus spread Everyone is recommended to checkWhat rules apply to where you live.

The website of the Hungarian embassy has been separate since the outbreak began last year Corona virus menu item You can read frequently asked questions and answers on the topic, which will help Hungarians living in the United Kingdom and those thinking about entering to find their way.

The ambassador stressed that only international travel from the UK would continue In some emergencies Is allowed. If someone leaves the UK for the UK, it’s a solo Form The reason for international travel must be documented or supported by documents. If the reason for the trip is not considered valid or properly confirmed, the departure may be denied.

The ambassador drew attention to the fact that no one would continue to enter on the basis of these until the Hungarian and British authorities allowed it.

According to the launch schedule announced by the British Prime Minister, it will be possible to fly quickly from Great Britain to foreign countries for tourist purposes from May 17, but according to the guide issued on Monday, the date will not be confirmed by the British government.

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