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Schedule – Overseas – British Establishment Applications: Deadline Expired

The deadline for EU citizens residing in the UK to apply for permanent residency has expired, but in reasonable cases, based on a personal assessment of the circumstances, UK authorities may accept late applications, MDI said.

Jan last year. They may continue to retain all the rights they purchased. However, this is for an indefinite period of time For residence permit, Had to apply for the established legal status.

Applications can be submitted to the Immigration and Visa Department of the UK Home Office by midnight UK time, using an app that can be downloaded primarily from a dedicated online interface or for mobile devices.

Holders of immigrant status can work in the UK on Thursdays under the same conditions, free access to the services of the UK Public Health Organization and other social benefits. This applies to those who have submitted their application for established status by the deadline and who have not yet been notified of the outcome of the assessment.

Close relatives of EU citizens residing abroad in the UK before 31 December last year may apply at any time to join their family members residing in the UK.

From the first day of this year, the applicant will be from the European Union or elsewhere to evaluate applications for the establishment, using criteria based on qualifications and English language proficiency, which apply to new immigration regulations for new visitors from EU and non-EU countries. Arrived.

According to the latest figures from the UK Home Office, than 140 thousand Hungarians Citizens submitted an application for the establishment to the Ministry.

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