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Schedule – Overseas – Hungarian student petition launched in support of EU for students in the UK

The goal of the SaveEUStudents EU level campaign is to create a level playing field for all Hungarian and EU students. Therefore, petitioners are campaigning for an EU plan to cover university tuition and living expenses for EU citizens studying in the UK. From its communication to the Hungarian Youth Association Schedule. With a joint petition with their Polish allies in the UK, students want to see the UK tuition fees soaring sharply after Brexit remain a barrier to talented youth in the EU.

The new scheme could replace Erasmus + in the UK, which was discontinued after the British exit the EU curriculum on December 31, 2020.

UK universities currently have 2,530 Hungarian students and a total of 147,000 EU students, about 14,000 of whom are still studying with the help of the Erasmus program. However, starting in September 2021, this number will fall if the EU does not make up for lost aid.

In practice, Brexit results in university students from the European Union

From the 2021/22 academic year, they will no longer be entitled to reduced tuition fees.

This means that the current annual tuition fee of 9 9,250 (HUF 3.9 million) is only available to those who have begun their studies before the above-mentioned date. Hungarian students starting this year will have to pay an average of 28,050 (HUF 11.8 million) a year, and they will not have access to student loans, many of whom did.

Failing to offset this with an EU program, in the long run, very few students have the opportunity to study in the UK in the future. The According to the Hungarian Youth Association, a reduction of 70-80 percent in the number of Hungarian students would be realistic.

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