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Schubert Norby and his family boarded a plane again

Schubert Norby and his family are going on vacation together, which is why they got up early and checked in from the airport.

Life has always revolved around Schobert Norbis, which they have grown accustomed to over the years. and the most famous family in the country, while the youngest, Norby A VIP farm You can also claim to be the youngest winner.

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The show at the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​bigger than ever

At the same time, Schobert Lara is also appearing more and more in the media, recently activityWhere she also talked about the first man who entered her life. It can be an exciting time for him and love can bring many new things.

He also revealed a secret about his father, Schubert Norby, who never actually fully retired. He recently started filming again and has big plans, as part of which he is constantly helping Réka Rubin.

Of course, they also try to enjoy the summer, good weather, when everything is provided. They love syndicated shows, and although Lara and Norby are slowly becoming adults, they don’t forget the importance of family.

With that in mind, he went on a 4-day family vacation. It is not yet known where they will travel, but it will certainly be revealed soon, and we will see more than one photo of them in the coming days.

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