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Schubert Norby got a car for his birthday

Schubert Norby the last His statement caused a scandal, But even so, on April 16, there was a big celebration in the Schubert family: Nurbey turned 50. Made to such a big surprise, Réka Rubint was designed, organized and made for a year so everything is perfect for Christmas.

The big surprise was another car, this time the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible.

“Every little child loves cars … When he becomes a man, this love becomes a passion. Some also have matchboxes … This is my love! He really loves beautiful and distinctive cars … And when you love someone more than yourself, you achieve Your dreams …. This is what happened now! May God bring my love to life!

Réka Rubint wrote on Facebook Schubert Norby Love car and For a birthday gift.

Part of the surprise was that an amazing series of photos of the fitness lady were captured in style, of course.

By the way, the car arrived in Hungary from Michigan, received the old gold plate, and the Nurbey letter was embroidered into the seats.

(Featured image: Facebook / Rubint Réka)

Schobert Norbi on NLC:

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