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Schubert testified about the deepest period in Lara’s life

Gara Schubert ended up with Lara, who lost her grandmother around the same time she broke up with her partner and was then taken by her father to the hospital.

The little girl often felt that there was no point in her daily life, she completely turned to herself, which was facts Speak in front of his staff. Because of the difficult period, the relationship between Lara and Rica Robinte was not cloudless, but it has become a thing of the past since then.

As he said at the beginning of his interview, he didn’t want 2021 for anyone, and didn’t even think he’d be able to get out of that deep hole. She celebrated her 18th birthday in October, but her growing year didn’t go quite as she wanted.

He was so far away from the world that for a long time he did not know why he woke up, did not see the point, because he was always disappointed. Regarding her breakup, she said, it was hard for them to let go of the other because, although they weren’t in love, they loved each other, and when it was over, her life completely lost its meaning.

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Back then, he didn’t share anything with his family, they just saw that he was in a self-destructive mode, eroding them a lot. He said that every day at that time consisted of going home, going up to his room, and he didn’t even know his brothers were being called. “I didn’t know anything about anyone.”

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