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Science decides whether it’s really hard for men to stay honest

“Loyalty is the cruelest of all limitations,” says Ákos, but is there a scientific basis for the heedless suggestion that men suffer more from this limitation?

The basic concept, which we hear often, somehow sounds like this: the point of mentioning an animal is to spread its seed around the world and populate the earth with as many offspring as possible. As for the female, she was born to bear and nurture the offspring, and the male seeks stability and protection for that. So, then Loyalty is a greater challenge for men than women.

Well, this group is no longer complete in the animal kingdom, and in humans, too, emotions and socialization processes come into the picture. In a recent study by two Indiana University scientists, Dr. Aaron E. Carroll and Dr. Rachel C. Freeman, there is no doubt that a woman’s sexual desire also changes during a long-term monogamous relationship: After a while, the majority want their partner. Less than at first, some of these ladies are also becoming open about being close to a new partner.

However, since women find it difficult to break out of the usual squirrel wheel due to the challenges of parenting and housekeeping, their chances are less to step aside. But they have no illusions: even in women, even men, the occasion gives birth to a thief. The solution? Not moral monogamy, or just conscious renewal, from time to time, whether on the bed or at the table.

picture: Weddings Jeremy Wong On Unsplash

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