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Science improves quality of life in Nyíregyháza –

Twenty-four lectures were given in three sections by students of the Faculty of Health Sciences (EC) of the University of Debrecen and several partner institutions of the Student Science Conference. The event ranked the best scientific works they would be able to represent The crane in the national competition.

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Debrecen organized an online student scientific conference on February 23. Department meetings related to social culture, psychology, healthy behavior, volunteering, health and social sciences, among others, were held, where students reported the results of their research. In addition to the Faculty of Health of the University of Debrecen, other partner institutions also participated in the conference, including speakers from Zay Anna Technical School and College in Nyíregyháza, as well as the Hungarian University of Sapientia in Transylvania.

To make a better life

A total of 24 talented young researchers presented their scientific work in three interdisciplinary departments. Morey Marian, According to the Dean of the European Commission, these theses may subsequently have an impact on daily life.
The key word in the conference is quality of life. The presentations have made it abundantly clear what are the areas of youth employment within the topic, and the main question is what needs to be done to create a better and better life. Among other things, factors related to mental health, the benefits of sports, and work-life balance contribute to this. Improving the quality of life also includes volunteering, as the conscious citizen is responsible not only for himself but also for others. Sections and lectures are built around a topic that helps you become an informed citizen, and the conference is the first step in a research career that paves the way for professional development. The Dean of the College of Health said that this is not only a one-time opportunity, but it can also open a career and help build professional human relationships.

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Also in size

At this year’s EC Student Scientific Conference, presentations were given on, among others, adolescent health behaviors, alternative therapies, online consumption habits of people over 65, childhood sepsis prevention options, dementia, and health issues. In the workplace and at work, CO results. experience during the pandemic.

With professional presentations, members of the three-member jury of departments have selected the best papers that young researchers can present at the TDK National Conference next spring. In addition, theses summarized now will soon appear in the traditional TDK folder. The committees recommended accepting the lectures contained in the thesis as theses from the College of Health.

Publication of the publication and organization of the conference in connection with the Intergenerational Science Competition are supported by the National Talent Program, the Ministry of Human Resources, the Institute for Human Resource Support Management, and the Institute for Educational Research and Development.

Faculty of Health, University of Debrecen