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Science in the foreground is a blessing

This year’s Scholar’s Night is being organized at one hundred and twenty venues at the University of Miskolc.

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Promote Jamal’s research work and research career through his programs and experiments and present science findings that can be used in everyday life at Researchers’ Night on September 25 at Miskolk University. By the time we arrived, the experimentally minded instructors and their students had already taken their places in the decorative hall.

Real and human search

Most of the visitors were young and arrived in droves in the last hours. However, families and all ages were expected to receive program offers. In addition to the vision, they also tried to bring the interested back home with usable, practical knowledge. To name a few, the participants were also able to learn about the nature of time, good and bad plastics, physical addiction, proper wound healing, muscle strength, the role of herbs in health tourism, and renewable energies. In addition, they can watch the latest ticket machine from MVK Zrt and test their legal knowledge in the Court of Miskolc game. At the owl show at Mályi Bird Rescue Station, the youngest can meet live birds. They also set up a very famous metal exhibition. Here they can engage in mineral stroking and viewing of microscopic minerals.

for prospective students

At the opening, the miner said “Good luck!” Guests were greeted with thanks.

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“It is with great pleasure that after skipping over the past year, this extraordinary event, so important in the life of our university, can be recreated with a physical presence,” the event opened with the professor. Doctor. Peter Szoch, Academic and General Vice President of the University of Miskolc. The European Commission held a Researchers’ Night in 2005, which our university in Hungary joined a year later. For the eight colleges and many research institutes at the University of Miskolc, which have a wide range of research potential, it is important to have a fresh source. The purpose of this evening is to show how exciting and diverse the research work can be.”

open to dialogue

Every year, a large number of visitors are expected to attend this event, ready to interact.

“This time we have finished 120 places and involved hundreds of our colleagues in the preparation. The entire campus is full of event venues. Here we are waiting for those interested in the main building, in the courtyard, at the main entrance to the university, in the peace hall and in the various laboratory units. We encourage everyone not to hesitate. In question. We want to arouse curiosity about topics that may not be popular. We are confident that some visitors will be encouraged to come to the University of Miskolc to study later and possibly choose a career as a researcher. To this end, our colleagues will do their best to entertain the participants,” said the Vice Chancellor. .

(Cover Image: The campus is full of event venues)

Researchers Night

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