It seems that after the failure of the epidemic in the winter, the Czechs have managed to stem the third wave, at least for the time being.

Coronavirus – second year

It has been more than a year since the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of the emergence of a new rapidly spreading virus. Since then, there hasn’t been anyone in the world who hasn’t heard of the term Covid-19, and more and more people are mourning a relative or friend who ended up with the new disease while existence collapsed in weeks and our entire lives were rewritten from the pandemic. So far, vaccines have been completed, and this in turn raises not only hope, but also many questions, while not only stopping the virus, but also threatening another mutation. You can find the details of this battle in our series of articles.

At midnight Monday, the state of emergency in the Czech Republic has been lifted from the beginning of October last year due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Due to mitigating the spread of the epidemic, the Czech government is no longer requesting an extension from Parliament. From now on, the framework for fighting the epidemic will be determined by the Pandemic Act created for such occasions.

This lifted the night curfew. On Monday, some preschoolers and lower school students can return to the classroom, open stores selling children’s clothing and shoes, as well as paper and stationery stores, restart some services, and reopen producer markets. The outer wings of libraries and zoos have also been opened.

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However, the government continues to consider the epidemiological situation to be dangerous, so a number of precautionary measures are still in place. For example, general use of masks remains mandatory and collection of more than two people is prohibited. Sports and cultural events continue without spectators attending, as most shops remain closed, as well as most services.

The epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic has steadily improved in recent weeks. The number of new confirmed infections daily has decreased to less than five thousand, and hospitals have had the fewest number of patients since Christmas. Likewise, the number of serious patients and daily deaths is gradually decreasing, with the number of deaths ranging from 74 to 160 in the past week.

In terms of population, the Czech Republic still has the largest number of Coronavirus victims worldwide, with the number of deaths reaching 2596 per million people. San Marino comes second on this list, Hungary is third, and since the Czechs have already curbed the third wave, a major improvement will be needed very soon here too, not to be overlooked.

According to official statistics, so far the first dose of the vaccine has been administered to more than two million people, more than 700,000 of whom have received the second dose. Only vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) continue to be used in the Czech Republic.

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