US Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Hanoi on Tuesday three hours late due to information about an “abnormal health incident”. And the US Embassy in Hanoi announced in a statement the fact and reason for the delay.

The term “abnormal health incident” is usually referred to as a Havana Syndrome It is used as a mysterious illness for diplomats at the US Embassy in the Cuban capital. After examining the situation, it was decided to continue the visit – read the statement.

In Singapore, Harris spoke with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and President Halima Jacob on Monday and delivered a speech on Tuesday in which he accused China of intimidating South China Sea countries to build artificial islands and deploy weapons in parts of the region claimed by Vietnam. from himself.

“We know that China is imposing, intimidating, and making claims over much of the South China Sea,” Harris said in his speech, explaining US President Joe Biden’s vision of the Indo-Pacific. “Beijing’s actions continue to undermine the country’s legal system and threaten its sovereignty,” he added. He said the United States would “continue to stand by its allies and partners” against Chinese threats.

Harris has been the most vocal critic of China since the initiation of his deputy position in Singapore, to which Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Fang Fen Bin responded: With the disorderly withdrawal from Kabul, the United States lost its credibility.

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In his speech, Harris emphasized that with increasing US involvement in the Indo-Pacific region, Washington is seeking not only to counterbalance Chinese influence, but also to share the US’s “optimistic view of its engagement and partnership in the region.” .

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