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Secondly. Elizabeth Kerlin appeared at the place where she was the happiest with a smile

The reign of 96 children appeared in public a few months later when he toured the Royal Windsor Horse Show. More than 500 SYP and 1,000 people participated in the show during the equestrian show, but the program will end on Sunday. It is known that Kerlin has always loved horses with passion, but does not find herself smiling happy. please Evening Standard.

His reign was last announced in March, when he attended a mass attended by the Prince of Edinburgh Remember. Recently, a lot has happened to Kerlin: in February he achieved his platinum jubilee (70 years ago), in the same month his coronary test was positive, but he was lucky enough to celebrate his 96th birthday on April 21.

Secondly. Erzsbet was accompanied by his horses on the 96 anniversaryForrs: AFP / / Henry Dallal

And Schretten can smile at the crowd when he arrives at the ride in his Range Rover. She spent the occasion casual: she wore a white card and blue cardboard. Last October, when he participated in a worship service marking the centenary of Keirley Lge in Britain, he stood with a stick, as he did with the help of a stick, which can be completed for a long time.

Last year in Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lost That Kerlin is the greatest racing expert of all time because he believes there is nothing he doesn’t know about horses, because that is his passion.