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Secretary of State: The United States, Great Britain or Israel can be vaccinated in the near future

The vaccination rate in Hungary is already 50 percent and the EU average is only 20 percent, which is due to alternative Oriental vaccines, he said before the agenda. Sigmund Barna Paul Fidesz Member of Parliament According to the report.

We can say that we are now being followed, the Germans also want to get 30 million Sputnik vs, and the German Chancellor has said that it would be useful to recognize each other’s vaccines with China. The synoform vaccine could be approved by the International Health Organization (WHO) earlier this week

– He said.

Thomas Varga, The Secretary of State, in response on behalf of the government, said the vaccine had arrived late and was slow to make purchases in Brussels.

The vaccination program in Brussels started as a good effort, we joined, but Brussels spoiled it badly, if we had asked them and the Hungarian location, by the end of May there would have been 3.5 million fewer vaccines in Hungary. The firm position of the Hungarian government is that we are not a colonial country in Brussels. The leadership of the country is ready and can make independent decisions if it serves the interests of Hungary and saves lives.

he said.

In his reply, Thomas Varga said that the vaccination rate in the EU would be 70% among the EU population by the end of the summer. The Hungarian government plans to reach this end early in the summer.

We are hopeful that countries like the United States, Britain or Israel can be defeated in a vaccine in the near future, but at least we can catch them.

– He said.

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