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“Liveable Cities, Good Urban Practices” Interviewed in days Sieve with Charles. Mayor of Kaposv├ír Among other things, he talked about the fact that 120,000 people live directly or indirectly in the agglomeration areas of the Somoji county seat. Here he goes to work, to shop, to go to the theater, here the children go to school … So every investment should serve their interests; The mayor explained that the city aims to reduce dependence on energy, ensure its affordability and protect the environment.

Karoly Szeta also emphasized that developments in Kaposvar are based on local conditions. For example, in the only sugar factory in the country, beet slices are used in the city.We produce biogas, operate CNG buses and have already started purchasing electric buses, and are now converting our district heating system to use 58% of the biomass to replace natural gas and the remaining 42% to be replaced by geothermal energy. “.

“We have created a transportation hub that connects buses, railroads, local bike paths and between cities. We have been able to reduce not only the inconvenience of commuting, but also the burden on the environment.” Mayor added.

At the same time, residents of Kaposvar collect waste more selectively and many of them also compost in their homes. The city has already joined several exemplary international initiatives and outreach actions.

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