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Separate diplomat: terms of surrender negotiated with besieged Ukrainian forces in Severodonetsk

According to Mirosnik, the Ukrainian soldiers asked for time to think. He claimed that their withdrawal routes had been cut off. According to the diplomat’s recording, the chemical lab contains civilians, but their number is not yet known. Some were able to contact relatives who were told they were in a shelter.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian armed forces forcibly detain hundreds of Severodonet residents in the Azrou subway facilities, Colonel Mikhail Mezhinchev, head of Russia’s Inter-Ministerial Coordination Headquarters in charge of humanitarian response and head of the National Defense Command Center, said. .

The Russian Armed Forces said Friday that the Russian armed forces opened the waterway to the port city of Ochakov after “liberating” the strategically important Kinburn Peninsula, which separates the mouth of the Dnieper-Bug River and the Black Sea, according to the Russian military. source. According to the informant of the news agency, Kyiv hid from its western partners that it could no longer keep the language of the land and therefore downstream. Vladimir Saldo, head of the military and civil administration of the Russian-controlled Hursun province, said earlier that shipping in the province’s ports would be fully restored when Uchakov, who controlled the exit from the Mykolaiv region and especially the mouth of the Dnieper-Bug River, “released.”

Donetsk authorities said that on Friday, Ukrainian forces attacked the office of the “cassette leader” with a shell loaded with cassette tapes and fired 155 mm of French Caesar self-propelled guns at residential areas in the capital of the separatist region. The territory of the dissident entities in southeastern Ukraine was hit by dozens of heavy artillery shells during the day, resulting in civilian deaths. Artyom Olihin, Deputy Minister of Information of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told Rozija 1 that 60-70 thousand Ukrainian soldiers were stationed in the bloc around fortified Slovakia. Earlier, the Donetsk Territorial Defense announced that the progress to 100 thousand industrial cities in peacetime had begun.

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In April 2014, when Kyiv launched an operation to suppress resistance in the Donetsk Basin against the Ukrainian leadership that came to power through a “coup” in February, the first clashes broke out in Slovakia between the dissident forces controlling the settlement at the time and the Ukrainian government forces. The city came under the control of the Ukrainian government in early July 2014.

Slovakia and neighboring Kramatorsk are considered by Russian analysts to be the most Ukrainian-controlled settlements in the Donetsk Basin. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have accumulated large stocks of weapons, fuel and food in the 170-square-kilometer defense system established here. According to the HCLU, air defense was deployed to Sevastopol, the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, on Friday night and destroyed a target over the southern part of the city. No official statement has been issued in the case yet.

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