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Sex in Epidemic Time: Screening for STDs is inappropriate

The number of Tripper and Chlamydia tests decreased in the past year in the US: The infection rates for the two diseases were already shattered before the pandemic began, with experts now unable to imagine how common they would be – He writes ABC News.

“There have also been disruptions to screening, monitoring, and treatment, which are likely to lead to an STD worse than ever,” said David Harvey, president of the American Association of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Several STD clinics in America were forced to close last spring, as those that previously tried to end the condition of those who could become ill were commissioned to conduct contact research on the Coronavirus. The laboratories that processed samples for diagnosing sexually transmitted infections were only able to accept a limited number of them due to the abundance of PCR tests. Even in January 2021, clinics specializing in STDs operated with only 40 percent efficiency.

Daniel Daltrey is one of two people in Vermont who have tried, in addition to HIV and hepatitis, to end the chains of STD infections full-time. Last year, he also conducted research on the Coronavirus, and trained 160 new researchers to communicate. He also researched HIV and syphilis, but had no time for anything else. In the state

The number of new confirmed HIV infections decreased by 90 percent and the number of new infections of chlamydia decreased by 50 percent due to reduced screening capacity – a trend that was similar across America.

In peacetime in peacetime, members of at-risk groups – women under the age of 25, gay and bisexual men – were able to receive their recommended screening every year, along with expert advice, for free or at a very low cost. This is absolutely necessary because the number of people with sexually transmitted diseases has been increasing for nine years.

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According to some theories, fewer patients are screened because the distance leads to fewer sexual relations, but many suspect this:

Dates only speak of log use

Looking back at the last year. People may have abstained from voting for a few months, said Ina Park, an obstetrician and gynecologist in California, but they reopened Tinder and began meeting to form sexual relationships.

At the moment, there is a shortage of some basic screening tools, and it doesn’t mean much: an undetected, and therefore not an Eastern, STD can have many consequences. Chlamydia damages both female and male reproductive organs and can lead to pregnancy complications. Syphilis can also cause disease in newborns, and in addition to organ damage in men and women, it can have neurological consequences.

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