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Complete British News World – Belebukhat a Rockstar a GTA Trilogy

It seems that Rockstar Games is satisfied with the success of GTA 5. It is difficult to find another explanation for the quality of GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition … or rather its lack. As fans wait for the announcement of the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games has well revealed that they prefer the creation of the classic trilogy. The package finally appeared, which immediately annoyed fans. Since San Andreas was my favorite of the year, I started right away – and finished in a few hours. I must say at the outset that everything that critics and woodpeckers claim is true.

The definitive GTA San Andreas release is very similar to the original version of 2004. Anyone expecting something similar in graphics and gameplay solutions in Part 4 or even Chapter 5 will be very disappointed. Of course, it is not certain that such a version will require age-appropriate graphics and solutions, but recently we saw how to do this, for example, in the context of the Mafia trilogy.

There, they really took care of making the exterior meet the age expectations and improving the gameplay as well. In the case of San Andreas, I initially had a feeling that I had loaded the original 2004 version by mistake. The animation, the exterior, the treatment all seemed amazingly old, simple at first, and unfortunately as time went on, that feeling only got more intense. It was considered a particularly good little game on PS2 and X360 in its day, but 17 years have passed since then. Here, however, a larger crimp stitch will be required, especially if the game is rated at HUF 21,000.

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But it’s my own experience, let’s see how the look resonated elsewhere. The cantilever owners have highlighted the errors I have already mentioned (the funniest of which is undoubtedly the ‘rainy San Andreas’).visible world‘), but the PC community is more interested.

The Rockstar Games Launcher was completely dead on premiere day, with customers unable to play any role. Then, after restarting the launcher, GTA Trilogy is still not playable, but at least it can’t be purchased anymore. Rockstar says files that were “accidentally” included in the revamped version should be deleted. These files are said to be music that the team no longer have the right to use, so they’ll drastically shorten the music they hear.

The other problem in today’s gaming world is not at all surprising in communication. distance reddit Thousands of complaints about the game’s performance have been made, Thomas Williamson, President of Grove Street Games Twitter interface. The most interesting thing is that it directs woodpeckers to report their complaints to Rockstar support, where all reports are considered.

It is not yet known how much damage this new blame will do to Rockstar Games’ already battered reputation. This year, fans have already been reassured that instead of announcing GTA 6, Episode 5 will now be available on third-generation consoles. In addition, based on the first scenes, the version enriched with fan mods looks better than the official version. So the big question is how far will the team go, which will theoretically reveal GTA IV Definitive Edition soon…

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