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Complete British News World – Valorant is coming to mobile

A year after its original release, it was indicated that the game would also be available for mobile.

Just a year ago, Riot Games launched its own tactical shooting game, which gained popularity relatively quickly in the traditional PC segment. No other platforms have been targeted yet, but now, before Christmas, it has been announced that the mobile segment will be next in line.

The company is short In a Twitter post She celebrated her first birthday, but also in the meantime announceThat the game will soon be available on their mobile devices, which will reach a much wider user (client) camp. Unfortunately, they don’t talk about the exact technical details (that’s not the case with posts like this anyway), so we don’t know how and to what extent operations that require precise gestures will be available on touch devices, but we can expect serious crowds to try the title . It has received a number of positive reviews over the past year.

The popularity of the game is undeniable, with the developers now also stating that they currently (more than a month) have over 14 million active members. That doesn’t seem like a very large number by itself, since it’s basically a free game, but given the tactical nature, and the style of play that requires a lot of practice, it’s still a pretty impressive feat. Many point out that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a really good example of this, as is the last 20 million He’s an active player, thanks in part to the effects of the pandemic. In any case, Riot will remember the important date by publishing several anniversary-related items during June, and for now, they will be recommended to fans.

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There was no mention of when the mobile version would launch, only that this was acknowledged in the ad.