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Complete British News World – Windows 11 SE

Although the operating system is in principle fully functional, it is not recommended to install it on home computers.

Two weeks ago, Microsoft introduced the cheap Surface Laptop. The product comes with Windows 11 SE, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of students and optimized for use on entry-level devices.

Naturally Originated The possibility that the new software may be applicable to other computers, however, is not recommended by Redmond Group. In principle, anyone can buy Windows 11 SE devices and then remove the operating system from them and transfer them to another computer, but as soon as they are available Material Readable – practically meaningless. The biggest problem for end users, in principle, is that not everyone can install their own software on Windows 11 SE, and software compatibility is also in question.

For Windows 10 and 11, in S mode, apps can only be installed from the Microsoft Store, which severely limits usability. However, under Windows 11 SE, it is not possible to install any software and basically only web programs can be run. However, Windows 11 SE is compatible with all Win32 applications. Supported software includes Google Chrome and Zoom, as well as software classified by Microsoft into content filters, scanning apps, accessibility software, communications software, browsers, and diagnostic apps.

Windows 10 and 11S modes can be exited with a few clicks to switch to a full version of Windows. This is not possible with Windows 11 SE. However, devices that shipped with a pre-installed version of Windows 11 SE may have another version of Windows 11 installed at a later time.

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