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SGF 2022: Saints Row – We can already create our crime boss at the Boss Factory

What would Saints Row go without the president? Volition promises to build more accurate characters than ever before in this year’s episode, which we can already try out in a free app.

Volition recently showed what a reboot character maker can do in Saints Row, but we don’t have to keep up with the videos from today, the Boss Factory is now available for download, where we can experience the disfigured characters for ourselves. You can spawn up to six characters, which you can then import into any platform and even share with others.

We have access to almost every customization option that will be included in the game, except for the ones that we can unlock quickly. And if we use the Boss Factory, the developers will give away two helmets when importing into the game.

The free app is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, while we’ll have to wait until August 23 for the release of Saints Row itself.

This news is part of the Summer Games Festival broadcast. If you missed something, head over to our subpage where you will find all the announcements and attractions about the event in one place!

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