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Shadow of the Tomb Raider receives an unexpected next-gen update that delivers 4K resolution at 60 frames per second

Since there is no Square Enix or Eidos Montréal bell, some video game magazines have noted this (for example Eurogamer) that 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider unexpectedly received a next generation update. It allows 4K resolution with an image refresh rate of 60 frames per second.

Update 2.01 arrived on the PlayStation 5 this week, as shown, and it does so to allow high refresh rates for images even in high-resolution mode. Some users on social media indicated that the game is rated “Optimized for Xbox Series X/s” on the Xbox Store. This is interesting because the latest Tomb Raider received support for Xbox FPS Boost in May of this year, which actually allowed for close to 60fps performance at a resolution of 3584×2016. Bottom line, the game now looks pretty good on next-gen consoles, as well. US IGN has made a longer recording of the PS5 release:

Shadow is the latest installment in the series littered with historical ruins, and while it looks really good, its gameplay and history aren’t that great anymore. Crystal Dynamics has plans for where the upcoming Tomb Raider story will continue, but it was said that the game won’t be announced recently. The series is celebrating its 25th birthday this year.

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