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She completely changed her little daughter LL Junior

Even though little Lily is only seven months old, LL Junior already feels that she has changed: She has gotten to know her completely new side, because as the parent of the boy, misery was the focus of raising children, but now she is much more affectionate and lively. . Take care of her little girl.

“It gives our little daughter a lot of happiness, and we derive a lot of strength from him. The biggest gift is that she is beautiful and healthy, and it is my pleasure to keep her eyes blue, which is what LL Junior said.

Source: LL Junior / Instagram

The musician also spends a lot of time with his young son, Lasika, and it is especially important for him that the little boy is also often with his sister. “Lily is totally relaxed. I’m basically a parent who loves to hug, and kiss her baby, but for a young girl, it’s totally different. I’ve changed a lot, that’s what other people see in me, I’ve been a lot more careful and kind since I became a female father. The love between us is immense and I can’t wait to say it for the first time: Father. Okay, so I’m sure I’ll totally melt away, and I’m already expecting that she’ll be the prettiest at age three or four, when you get a glimpse of it all. I definitely can’t be strict with him. ” Hintsto.

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