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She’s Pál Feke’s beautiful blonde friend: You might know Nora as the presenter – a Hungarian star

Paul Vicki He publicly accepted his love, the actor appeared in the ranks of the audience of the Puskás Musical, which performed last weekend with his girlfriend.

The beautiful blonde woman, Nora Mizaros, who many may know as a presenter, also works on television and radio.

Paul Vicki’s girlfriend

Earlier this month, we heard for the first time that the actor’s heart was busy again a year and a half after his divorce. At the end of May, at the outdoor performance of the Great Budapest Circus, a spectator photo was taken of her enjoying the show with a beautiful blonde woman. The Borsnack One reader who was sitting not far from them said that they seemed to belong to each other, close to each other, not letting go of each other’s hands.

Photo: RTL Club/Large Number

Pal Ficke confirmed to the newspaper that he was forming a party with the lady, but did not want to go into details.

“A new era has begun in my life, and I am very happy.” Nori and I have a great meeting, love just comes, you don’t expect it. But just as I haven’t made my privacy clear in newspaper columns yet, I still don’t want to.

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Although he does not want to comment on his privacy, he does not hide it. On June 19, 2021, those interested could not only enjoy Hungarian football in the Hungarian and French European Football Championships, but on this day they also staged an outdoor musical show about the legendary Hungarian footballer on Margaret Island’s open-air stage. Puskas, musician Ferenc Puskas and one of the greatest football teams of all time, the Golden Team, tackle history.

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Many stars and celebrities took an interest in the premiere, such as Pál Dárdai and his wife, daughter of Gyula Grosics or Jenő Buzánszky Jr. Pál Feke also appeared with his girlfriend, with whom they smiled happily at the party after the performance. Story Magazine for the photographer’s camera. Nóra Mészáros is not unknown to students and viewers, she is an employee of Kossuth Radio and an editorial presenter at Pesti TV.

Gallus Nikki and partner Laura

The 46-year-old star has been partying with Laura Bártfai for ten years, rarely appearing with them and expressing themselves, but at the same time they committed their love at the beginning of their relationship. In Sándor Friderikusz’s story The Story of Our Lives, Laura said that it turned out to her in high school that she was different from the others, while Nikki Galloch admitted that she was still waiting for this recognition, fully declaring herself. Heterosexual.