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Shocking news about Ukrainian terrorism

The Russians demand the soldiers of the Severodonetsk power plant to surrender Mandiner. What is really shocking about the news is that Ukrainian soldiers are holding their own citizens, and the Ukrainian population, hostage – of course, the Western press does not talk about it.

“Hundreds of Severodonets are forcibly detained by the Ukrainian armed forces in the underground facilities of the Azot chemical plant,” said Colonel Mikhail Mezhinsev, head of the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Headquarters in Russia and responsible for the humanitarian response. Ukrainian forces hiding at the chemical plant in Severodonetsk laid down their weapons and surrendered this morning.

Severodonet June 14, 2022Source: Agence France-Presse / Aris Messines

Mikhail Mizensev told the Interfax news agency that the Ukrainian forces would have to “give up their foolish resistance starting at six in the morning” and lay down their weapons.

They confirmed:

He promised to enable civilians to flee through a humanitarian corridor.The day before, it was reported that two of the three bridges leading out of the city had been destroyed and that the third was old and unsafe, they wrote.

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