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Show chapa fasttag to his girlfriend

They’ve been together for months, and they’ve already moved in together.

Chaba Vastag and his partner, Evelyn They met last fall. They said it was love at first sight, although this was only later admitted to each other. Evelyn is not in the field of exhibitions. He is currently studying and also trying to start his own business to be fully financially independent. He also speaks three languages ​​at the native level.

I speak English well, I learned Hebrew fairly quickly, and I’ve been a native Beas speaker since I was a kid.

Tell for Story magazine.

The couple also told the newspaper that they moved home as soon as they had the opportunity. Although Evelyn had a persistent and curious interest in the singer at first, he got used to it. Although he still thinks that it is not an easy role to “be the girlfriend of Chapa Vastag”.

There hasn’t been a girl request yet, but they both feel like they want to live their lives side by side. They want a large family with at least four children.

I know I just found my other half, so I feel like I finally have my family. So far I’ve tried to do everything perfectly, and I haven’t been satisfied with half-solutions, so I also think parenthood really works for me. Or at least I will do my best to be a good father so that my children can always count on me

said the singer.

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