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SIFU shows you how to make up their own soundtrack [VIDEO]

SloClap SIFU will be released for PC and PlayStation on February 8th

There is just a little over a week left before SIFU is released for PC and PlayStation consoles. Beat ’em up, developed by SloClap, focuses solely on movement, using all kinds of martial arts combinations and interacting with different elements of the environment. It will have a replay element to unlock all the secrets in it, but its strength lies in its relationship with the player through the gameplay.

Audio is an essential part of the experience, which the studio emphasized with a new video, which you can see above. It is about the sounds and music of SIFU, the latter of which was developed by Howie Lee, a Chinese composer who usually deals with electronic music.

Lee had never worked on video game music before, but SloClap noticed it after listening to his album Natural Disaster. According to the author, creating music for a video game is a completely different matter, since he had to take into account a number of elements related to user interaction in control.

“We want the music to go hand in hand with the player” Said Lucas Rousselot, sound designer at the development studio. Rousselot said he was in constant contact with the course design team to create a joint experience between sound and sight, so it should be noted that the music accompanies the instrumentalists through movements and ways.

SIFU release date is February 8It will be Tuesday next week. Its release has been brought forward compared to the original predictions, and it is assumed that it coincides with the upcoming big games also in the second half of February.

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source: 2Playstation