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Sikoli – Criticism – Bollywood

a scream series It dates back over 25 years and is arguably one of the iconic representatives of the anatomical subgenre. The fifth chapter, which will be held this year, is different from the previous one in several respects. It was here that the biggest break between the two films was tied up, with a tight 11 years since stage four (the same amount of time elapsed between three and four). This is the first movie that Wes Craven hasn’t directed, but this is it who is hiding Introducing Matt Bettenelli Olbin and Tyler Gillette. In addition, the numbering was omitted, simply leaving the original title. Is the new Scream different in style and content, or is Ghostface still old?

The story is usually from a simple angle. Twenty-five years after the first massacre in Woodsboro, a murderer appeared in the mask he had seen several times. Along with him, Sydney (Nev Campbell) also comes home to wind up with his old acquaintances (and some new ones) and of course trying to stay alive.

Well, the summary is not completely exhausted, because Sydney is far from a hero. The new protagonist is Sam (Melissa Barrera), who must return to her hometown after her sister is attacked. The girl also has secrets that she does not want to reveal, but the killer has different ideas about them.

The Sikoly franchise has always been known for its line of definition, which means there’s so much self-reflection in it that they consider themselves a movie without (thanks to the Döfés parts accompanying the series, of which there are actually eight) or a set setting their own set of rules. The director didn’t want to break that trend, there were still plenty of identical winks. The introduction begins immediately with the usual formula, the conversation audible here between the killer and the potential victim is one of the best in the film. In addition to the gems of modern horror, of course, the classics were not forgotten either, it was nice to hear the already well-known titles and we were able to feel at home again among paranoid teenagers and horror lovers.

It’s a shame that most of the characters are so annoying, so we support them more than they support them. Well, we’ll guess the culprit, but then again, it’s a bit more invasive than it should be. why? I don’t want to go into details because of spoilers, but the puzzle is unfortunately much clearer than we might expect, which is why it will surprise some, which is why I unfortunately failed. This kind of predictability is my biggest problem with New Yelp. The only thing is that for the final third, logic and rationality are completely lost, so to speak, this is part of the concept, but the finals have bypassed the horse. By wanting to innovate while copying the first part, they encountered a small gap. Purpose, conscious motivation, and choice of location can be understood, but this will not make anything immediately striking, especially if self-repetition becomes detrimental to originality.

I have ambivalent feelings about the Fifth Scream because it is at least as equally rewarding as the Fifth Scream. Nostalgia is a good thing, minimal humor works and the meta sense catches the viewer’s attention, and it includes great ideas. However, it often smells of sweat, the new characters are just paper covers, and in the final third, the plot becomes very predictable. Whether it makes sense to make it is an obvious answer, but fans can find in it what made them fall in love with the franchise.

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