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Slovakia donates more than 2 million euros of military equipment to Ukraine

More than 2 million euros in military equipment will be donated to Ukraine under a proposal approved by the government, while several other countries have pledged a similar response.

At its meeting on Wednesday, the government approved a proposal for Slovakia to donate €2,052,221.51 of military equipment to Ukraine, and the Defense Ministry would benefit from the possibility of reimbursing the resulting costs at the EU level, TASR reported.

According to the proposal, Slovakia responds to the needs of Ukraine and is committed to this step in the context of the unjustified mass military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. It appears in the parameter article.

In addition, the country is determined to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, Defense Minister Jaroslav Naich announced on Tuesday after attending a meeting at Ramstein Air Base in support of Kyiv.

According to a recent press release, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will urge Western allies to “double” assistance to the Ukrainian military, while Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada have confirmed that they are providing Ukraine with heavy weapons.

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