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Slovakia is considering compulsory vaccination for the Covid virus

Compulsory quarantine can also come if a person is silent that he has returned home from a high-risk country.

The Minister of Health spoke about the fact that the introduction of compulsory quarantine and compulsory vaccination is being seriously considered. Factor. Vladimir Lingarsky a DiariesThey were told that quarantine would be mandatory for those who hide they were in a high-risk country.

This is verified with the help of mobile network operators. Thus, it turned out that more than 500 compatriots attended the match for the European Championship in Budapest, and then 270 compatriots registered for the test. The ministry fears that Portuguese fans may have infected them with the Indian (delta) type of coronavirus, which is why the minister described the quarantine of an entire settlement as conceivable.

According to the parameter, the spread of the already renamed Delta variant in Great Britain and Portugal was the topic of the Central Crisis Staff meeting. They were also warned that the rating of a country traveling abroad could change overnight. Other terms may apply upon your return, Like when he left.

They want to boost the vaccination campaign in Slovakia, but they are no longer promoting the Russian vaccine because its guarantee is about to expire. Vaccination will be increased by making vaccination mandatory for certain groups. Vladimir Lingarsky He said: This can apply to some professions, and age groups such as those over the age of sixty. The issue was also addressed by the Crisis Team, and this possibility is currently being investigated by the Ministry of Justice.

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a Factor According to the Slovak police, more intensive searches will be carried out at the Pir-Vamoszabadi border crossing on Friday and Saturday.