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Slowly, you don’t even need an Xbox to feel like an Xbox Life

  • Microsoft is also in talks with several major TV makers to integrate the Xbox lifestyle into their products
  • They also want to create many Game Pass subscription models
  • Finally, they will also come out with at least one new in-house game every quarter

One of the most exciting events at E3 this year is without a doubt Microsoft and Bethesda joint conference Promises, however, before the presentation, the company giant also came up with a short, short announcement outlining their plans for the future. As a first step, both Phil Spencer and Satya Nadella said about their commitment to video games and then came up with concrete plans that are arguably very ambitious.

Microsoft has revealed that it is already in talks with several major TV manufacturers to integrate the Xbox lifestyle into their products. As a result, we will not even have to buy an Xbox for such devices, it will be enough to get a console, and the game can start as soon as you connect to the network. However, Microsoft did not stop here, because it cherishes serious plans for Game Pass: on the one hand, they want to invent several subscription models so that everyone can find their best offer, and on the other hand, they promise to have at least one new indoor game every three months. It will be handed over to him.

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