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Small mites are falling on our faces regularly

It is known that not all small parasites intend to harm our body, in fact, some creatures only help maintain a healthy balance.

Practically every human face has a mite that feeds on the fats released by the cells. In a new study, researchers a demodex follicles It focuses on a type of hair follicle called a microscopic animal.

These arthropods live almost alone and mate only with mites that are genetically similar to them. The small legs of moths with a length of 0.3 mm are driven by three unicellular muscles and consist of the lowest amount of protein among related species. Their genetic makeup is so simple that they have lost the gene that regulates daylight awakening. That is why these animals are active at night.

The mites are not protected from UV rays, but they are able to take advantage of the melatonin secreted by the skin at night.

But what is certainly more interesting is the sexuality of these little creatures. The ascending external genitalia of males are located at the front of their bodies and look almost like a rhinoceros. For this reason, moths can only mate if the male is standing under the female while both are clinging to the hair.

Our picture clarificationSource: Shutterstock

The new investigation also revealed, contrary to the previous assumption, that Demodex Folliculorumnac He has an anus. So far, experts believe so In animals, metabolites accumulate until they die, until they are eventually released, causing dermatitis. However, scientists say that there is no need to be afraid of this: they believe that the presence of mites on the skin is really useful, for example, because the sebum trapped in them is regularly emptied from the pores, he writes. IFL Science.

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