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Smallpox is already the best spread in Europe, and summer won’t stop it from spreading

Europe has become the epicenter of the smallpox outbreak, with more than 1,500 cases identified in 25 European countries, accounting for 85% of cases worldwide. No one has yet died of smallpox outside of Africa, but the World Health Organization says the infection will continue to spread in Europe through the summer. wallet.

Britain has the largest number of smallpox cases in Europe, with 524 cases recorded by 14 June. Within the European Union, the majority, 313, were infected in Spain, but many identified 263 cases in Germany, 231 in Portugal, and 125 in France. The number of cases has also jumped in Italy (80), Italy (48) and Belgium (36), while only a few have been found in other countries so far. He’s been in Hungary for three days Six injured They can.

Although the current infection is mild in most cases, the smallpox virus can cause serious illness in certain groups (young children, pregnant women, people receiving immunotherapy or those with weakened immune systems). The World Health Organization has recorded 27 deaths in Africa this year, but no cases have been recorded in Europe.

The spread of smallpox in Europe can accelerate during the summer months, when hundreds of pride events, music festivals, and other mass gatherings take place in Europe.

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