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Snooker: Belgium and China play in the final of the UK Championship

In York, England, it was decided on Saturday that Belgium’s Luka Preselle and China’s Zhao Xin-tung would compete for the UK title in snooker on Sunday, the second most important tournament in the sport.

Brecel reached the finals with a great match


And in Saturday’s semi-finals, Luka Preselle beat England’s other great rival Keren Wilson 6-4. The Belgian really showed an exhibition game as he pushed hundreds of bricks (130, 105, 102, 112) four times, but a streak of 97 and 80 points came together as well.

Zhao Xin Tong knocked out former World Cup finalist Barry Hawkins 6-1, and also showed a very convincing snooker park, because although he only achieved a hundred score once (about 100 in the third frame), he also had a score of 81. Three leads are 78 seconds and one is 74.

Brecel, 40 in the world rankings, has already won the scoring championship, the China Championship in 2017, but Chao Xin-tung’s top 26 is a semi-final, the same as in the China Championship, but in 2018.

Sunker, UK Championship, York

Luca Prisl (Belga)– Crane Wilson (English) 6-4
Barry Hawkins (English) –Zhao Shen Tong (Chinese) 1-6

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