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Snooker: O’Sullivan wins his 38 scoring league

Ronnie O’Sullivan won the World Snooker Grand Prix in Coventry. The six-time world champion in the English language category beat Australian Neil Robertson 10-8 in the final.


Ronnie O’Sullivan played it nicely (Image: Facebook / World Snooker Tour)

The Coventry Snooker Championship featured heavyweight boys. The top 32 players qualified in the world rankings for one year, with Zhao Xin Tong winning the UK Championships in first place. However, the Chinese did not survive the first round, and the routine Englishman was defeated by Martin Gould.

In addition to four world champions, revamped Mark Selby, Neil Robertson, Stewart Bingham and Ronnie O’Sullivan reached the semi-finals. O’Sullivan and Robertson were able to fight for the trophy.

In the final, the Australian led 7-5, but O’Sullivan reversed the World Cup six times for the first time and eventually won 10-8.

The English genius, nicknamed Rocket, never won a fight for nearly a year and a half during his 29-year professional career. He has been left without a title since winning his sixth world title on August 16 last year, and has failed in five finals during that time.

“I’d rather play well and lose than win poorly. If I didn’t have that good period in my hair, I would be disappointed. Neil played well throughout the tournament, and had a chance in the final as well, but then I had a rare feeling.” Lately: I got into a beat, started enjoying the game and won. I’m very happy!” Sullivan said.

For success, the English received 100,000 pounds (43.3 million forints). It was his 38th victory in the tournament, making him first in the standings, ahead of Stephen Hendry by 36 leads.

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SZNÚKER World Grand Prix, Coverage
Eighth final

Martin Gould –Jan Bing Tao (Chinese) 0-4
Anthony Hamilton –Neil Robertson (Australia) 1-4
Mark Allen (Northern Ireland) –Mark Selby (English) 2-4
Judd Trump (English) –Tom Ford (English) 3-4
Jack Lisowski (English) –Stephen Maguire (Scottish) 3-4
Stuart Bingham (English)– Ali Carter (English) 4–3
Ronnie O’Sullivan (English)Hossein Vafaei (Iran) 4-1
Jimmy Robertson (English)Luca Briselle (Belga) 4-3
Jan Bing Tao-n. Robertson 4-5
selby– Ford 5-2
Maguire-Bingham 1-5
O’Sullivan-J. Robertson 5-2
n. Robertson– Selby 6 – 3
Bingham-O’Sullivan 2-6
n. Robertson-O’Sullivan 8-10