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Snowfall broke out in Turkey with the closure of the busiest European airport in Istanbul

At least until Tuesday morning, Istanbul’s busiest airport, one of the world’s busiest and one of the world’s largest, will be closed after a snowfall that has paralyzed Turkey and Greece. The airport is almost completely new, and it has not been three years since its delivery.

Typical Istanbul street scene with parked cars on January 24

Photo: Yasin Akgül/AFP

Besides the annex settlements, 16 million people in Istanbul were severely paralyzed by heavy snowfall. In the narrow streets of the rugged parts of the city, many cars slide over each other, traffic comes to a complete standstill on some passing highways, and drivers simply leave several cars in deep snow. Istanbul is currently not accessible by road from Europe.

Not everything is gloomy for Turkey’s largest city because of snowfall

Photo: Yasin Akgül/AFP

Home delivery services have been shut down in the city and malls are soon closed because customers can’t even get there.

The famous Blue Mosque

Photo: Yasin Akgül/AFP

Snow lined up heavily not only in the ancient capital, but also in the mountainous and hilly regions of the vast and southeastern part of the vast country, so a lot of roads had to be closed there as well.

Which public transport line has been cleaned, there is a big turmoil in Istanbul

Photo: ISLAM YAKUT/Anadolu Agency via AFP

While snowfall is not uncommon in Turkey, it is more common in Greece, but the current weather affects them as well.

Oslo? No, downtown Athens

Photo: Luisa Golyamaki/AFP

The situation around Athens is so serious that the authorities first asked people to leave their homes after Monday for a good reason after Monday, and then the government declared a day off. Teaching in 46,000 classrooms has shifted to distance learning, a number of flights have been canceled at Athens airport, checkpoints are not open until Tuesday, and there are also disruptions to metro traffic due to the amount of snow falling on the roof sections.

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