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So far, protection continues after the second dose of Sputnik

against covid-19 SputnikIt has already been approved for use in 60 countries, including Hungary, so in principle 3 billion people have access to the Russian vaccine.

Sputnik V . composition

Based on the composition and mechanism of action, the Sputnik V vaccine developed by the Gamaleja Institute is called. Vector-based vaccine. Thus, the vaccine delivers a distinct part of the coronavirus into the body using a carrier virus (adenovirus) that is neutral in its effect. The gene segment produced by the adenovirus contains information about the production of a new type of coronavirus (S) protein in the Sputnik V vaccine.

Based on the information in the gene embedded in the adenovirus, a spike protein is produced in the body that triggers an immune response. It must be emphasized that the Sputnik V vaccine does not contain any live or killed coronavirus in any form that could infect anyone.

Sputnik vaccine: when does it give protection? Here’s the data

Sputnik: Two vaccines with two different vector vaccines

At the Gamaleja Institute who developed Sputnik Looking back at a long history with vector-based vaccines research and development. Sputnik V can also be considered unique compared to other vector-based vaccines, see for example AstraZeneca, renamed Vaxzevria. The Sputnik V vaccine must be given twice, every 21 days according to current regulations, but the vector virus is different for the two vaccines (both doses of Astra Zeneca contain the same vector virus).

Specifically, the first dose of Sputnik V vaccine contains human adenovirus serotype 26 as a vector; A dose of human adenovirus serotype 5. This type of innovation, which has a beneficial effect on immune function, was also praised by German experts in the spring of 2021, and, according to Russian developers, in part due to the fact that highly efficient protection can be achieved using Sputnik v.

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High and higher efficiency

Based on the results of clinical trials, after taking the second dose of Sputnik V (42 days after the first dose), the effectiveness of the vaccine is more than 91%, with a value of 91.6% published in the famous Lancet. It should be noted that the efficacy of more than 90% of Covid-19 vaccines is considered very good and just before Pfizer/ BioNTech and Moderna showed values ​​above 90%.

In any case, the effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine proved to be high later, in real life, the so-called real-world data was further improved. On April 19, 2021, vaccine developers at the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that 3.8 million Russians vaccinated twice with Sputnik V had 97.6% protection against COVID-19 thanks to the vaccine. Thus, based on real data, the effectiveness of Sputnik V is the highest among vaccines against Covid-19.

Two years of protection, it also protects against mutations

The SPC for the Russian vaccine in Hungary states that the duration of protection with Sputnik V is unknown, which is the case for all vaccines, as long-term test results are not available anyway. However, the scientists who developed the Sputnik V are very optimistic and believe that the protection that can be achieved with the Sputnik V could be up to two years or even longer, unlike the months that can be achieved with mRNA vaccines. The statement made by the experts is based on previous experience with Ebola vaccines produced using similar vector technology.

According to Russian experts, the Sputnik V proved effective against British variants and variants in South Africa. In Moscow, it was reported that two doses of Sputnik V would achieve high levels of immunoglobulin and the vaccine would also be effective against the Indian mutants.

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There may be some changes in the vaccination protocol

Studies are currently being conducted on how the time period between two doses of Sputnik V affects the efficacy of vaccination. It is possible to use a 21-day time frame in daily practice in the future They are expelled for 3 monthsThis change could increase the effectiveness of the vaccine and provide longer-term protection.

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